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Thursday October 28, 2021
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UAW150v4 installer    download
Use this to install EAW150v4 in your system

OAW150 installer    download
Place this installer in the EAW150 root folder and run to install complete OAW selector & folders.
  Flight Models  
Modified flight models

Tips Comp mod 1.0    download
In the interest of competitiveness, as well as the enjoyment of online players of EAW, basically the models now exhibit their historical performance and idiosyncrasies in a compressed altitude atmosphere.
The 352nd Fighter Group uses Teamspeak available at http://www.goteamspeak.com/
Customized mission files

Interdict 1    download
This zip contains a series of renamed models and an eaw_ttd.dat file, which has been modified to place groups of vehicles and other objects into the eaw world.
Modified versions of the eaw.exe file

V1.1A    download

V1.2A    download
AI is more aggressive and use cannons at farther range. Friendly and enemy flights start out closer to each other. Sound is more vivid with taper distances increased to realistic levels. Some minor intended (and not intended) small changes. Can be set so EAW no longer requires the CD.
Modified aircraft versions

Flyable B-17    download
This is made for the P38J Slot, so dont insert a P38J Skin. This B17 skin can cause problems with other b17 Skins in the default B17 Slot, remove them before using. Includes the B-17 "P" folder. Use the "load scripts" option and select the P-38J.

FW190A8-R8    download
2 x MK108 (30mm x 60 rounds) Better plating, more weight. OAWrp2.1

Bf 109F4    download

Bf 109G6    download
With MK108 (30mm) OAWrp2.1

Bf109G6U3    download
MK108 (30mm x 60 rounds) OAWrp2.1

Hurricane IIc    download
4 x Hispano II (20mm) OAWrp2.1

Spitfire V    download
2 x Hispano II 4 x .303 Browning OAWrp2.1
An assortment of graphics files or "eye candy". Most can be combined in one folder if you wish.

Effects    download
Flame enhancements. Also includes a selection of tracer options.

Realistic EAW Hills    download
A more realistic hill file for the default EAW world.
An assortment of seasonal terrain files.

T-01(352 Winter)    download
Can be used in OAW Folder

T-02(352 Spring)    download
Can be used in OAW Folder.

T-03(352 Summer)    download
Can be used in OAW Folder

T-04(352 Autumn)    download
Can be used in OAW Folder.

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